Why did we begin High Five English Center? One of the main reasons is to help those who want to make English their second language. For non-native English speakers, English learning is a lifelong process. We understand this and want to be the lifelong friend to help them improve their English. In addition, we often see people under the education system memorizing a lot of English but not able to apply it to actual use, and we hope to help them with their everyday English and usage.

To make our ideas come true, we insist on all-English classrooms, interactive approaches, and we provide 24-hour online after-class service. The all-English classroom is to create an environment for people to practice English. An interactive approach, in a one-on-one or small group setting, is to help our students to be active learners. The 24-hour online after-class service will be able to satisfy our students’ various schedules. As a result, no matter where and when, our students can receive our service.

Years after being founded in 2006, we are still positive about our responsibilities in English education. Compared to other English schools, we are more willing to listen to our students' needs and are more flexible to their needs. This in turn has allowed us to satisfy our students more and made High Five English Center their best choice.